Stylist Assistant

Allison is a Paul Mitchell the School Denver graduate and licensed Cosmetologist. Hailing from the great state of Wyoming, Allison has relocated to Denver to pursue a successful career in the beauty industry. Lucky for us, she’s doing that as part of the Union Salon Family! Allison is no doubt as passionate about your hair as you are yourself! She strives to make sure each and every client leaves the chair as the best version of themselves-inside and out! Allison is a master conversationalist and we are sure your connection with Allison will be instant! She is well rounded and adaptive in her approach to hair services. She loves knowing something about everything but her true passion is color and the chemistry behind it.

When not working, Allison loves hanging out with her menagerie of animals and being as artsy and and creative as possible-trying anything from painting to jewelry making and everything in between! She aspires to travel the world, but in the meantime we’ll be happy watching her talent blossom her at Union Salon!

Intelligent, loyal, witty, creative, versatile, chemistry, color, knowledge

Instagram: allisons_hair_wonderland