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The Story of Union Salon


The Girls

Founded in 2013 Union Salon has re-imagined itself in the Belmar area of Lakewood, Co in 2020. Look forward to a beautifully designed salon atmosphere, improved layout, abundant natural lighting, convenient parking and much more! Union Salon is located right next door to Belmar Shopping and Entertainment District, allowing clients the choice to increase their salon experience by adding a myriad of dining, refreshment, shopping and entertainment possibilities to each outing! Union Salon is that high end salon experience you crave with that comfortable Colorado feel that builds lasting comfortable relationships!

We are a passionate union of stylists that make up a collage of personal experiences, ages and creative directions. We come together in balance to provide a remarkable salon experience for all clients, every time. We are committed to celebrating and utilizing the individual assets each member brings to our cooperative salon. We have a passion for customer service, technical excellence, continuing education and foster a creative and positive work environment. We stand behind our product lines and our performance as designers with the common goal of earning and sustaining our clients' trust. We will help our clientele discover their ultimate design and enhance their personal image. We provide customized services that are developed by listening to the clients’ needs in order to achieve the results that the client desires. In abiding by these beliefs we will be the salon of choice for clients within our communities. We will build enduring and rewarding relationships with our union of stylists, our clients and our communities through knowledge, positivity and superior service. Our salon cooperative will be an environment dedicated to the inspiration and exchange of creative and beautiful ideas.

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